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Description ◇ Intelligent industry online PH/ORP monitor/controller. ◇ Three-point calibration function, the function of prompting the user to follow the calibration process, automatic identification of calibration liquid and the error calibration, easy safe humanized calibration mode. ◇ High input impedance, programmable manual/Auto temperature compensation, the adaptation of various types of PH/ORP electrode. ◇ ABS material meter housing with NEMA4X/IP65. ◇ Original parameters function recovery. ◇ With current, control, pulse, communicate multiple output to satisfy customer different request. Main Technique Specifications

  Function Model

PH, ORP-8850 Single channel PH or ORP controller


PH: 0.00~14.00 pH; ORP: -2000~+2000mV


pH: ±0.1 pH; ORP: ±2mV

Temp. Comp.

PH: The 25℃ basis, Manual/Auto temperature compensation

Operation Temp.



Two/ Three Composite PH electrode, ORP electrode


4.00; 6.86; 9.18 Three Calibration


2x16 Bit LCD

Current output signal

Insolated Migration 4~20mA

Control output signal

Programmable: ON high limit or low limit relay

Pulse output

The optical isolation open-collector, output signal, the max.pulse rate:

 400 Pulses/Min

Communication output

RS485, BAUD RATE: 2400, 4800, 9600


DC 1836V

Working environment

Ambient Temp. 0~50℃, Relative Humidity ≤85%


96×96×46mm(H X W X D)

Hole size

92×92mm H X W)

Installation Mode

Panel Mounted (Embeded)

Application Widely used for chemical, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, electronics, electroplating, environmental protection, water treatment, aquaculture and other industries process detection and control of PH/ ORP value.