2019 Good Quality Ph Contror Dosing Pump - Pen type PH meter PH-002 ATC – JIRS

Main technique specification:
Function Model Portable PH Meter PH-001
Range 0.0-14.0ph
Accuracy +/-0.01
Resolution: 0.01ph
Working environment: 0-50℃, RH< 95%
Operating Temperature: 0-80℃ (32-122°F)
Calibration: Two points automatic calibration
Working Voltage 2x1.5V(Keep using more than 500 hours)
Overall dimensions 155x31x18mm (H X W X D)
Net weight: 50g

Widely used for Aquarium, fishing, swimming pool, school lab, food and beverage etc industry.

Portable PH Meter packing details.
No. Content Portable PH Meter PH-02 packing details
No.1 1 x  PH Meter
No.2 2x1.5V(Keep using more than 500 hours) (included)
No.3 2x Pouches of calibration buffer solution(4.0 &6.86)
No.4 1 x instruction manual( English version)

Portable PH Meter Operation Instruction
1. Before use, pls remove the electrode protective cap.
2. First rinse the electrode with distilled water, and dry it with filter water.
3. Turn the meter on by pressing the ON/OFF key.
4. Immerse the PH meter electrode into the solution to be tested.
5. Stir gently and wait of the reading to stabilize.
6. After finish, clear the electrode with distilled water turn the meter off by pressing the "ON/OFF"key.
7. After replace the protective cap after use.