JIRS-BA-S800 Blue and Green Algae Sensor

Product Specifications
Specifications Details
Size Diameter 37mm* Length 220mm
Weight 0.8 KG
Main Materials Main Body: SUS316L+ PVCO type Ring: FluororubberCable: PVC
Waterproof Rate IP68/NEMA6P
Measurement Range 100-300,000 cells/mL
Measuring accuracy ±5% of the corresponding value of the 1 ppb rhodamine WT dyesignal level
Pressure Range ≤0.4Mpa
Storage Temperature -15~65℃
Environment Temperature 0~45℃
Calibration Deviation Calibration, Slope Calibration
Cable Length Standard 10-Meter Cable, Max Length: 100 Meters
Warranty Period 1 Year
Working conditions The distribution of blue-green algae in water is very uneven. It is recommended to monitor more than one point; the water turbidity is lower than 50NTU.
2.1 Product Information The blue-green algae sensor utilizes the characteristic that the cyanobacteria has an absorption peak and an emission peak in the spectrum. The spectral absorption peak of the cyanobacteria emits monochromatic light to the water, and the cyanobacteria in the water absorbs the energy of the monochromatic light, releasing another wavelength. With monochromatic light emitting peaks, the intensity of light emitted by cyanobacteria is proportional to the amount of cyanobacteria in water. The sensor is easy to install and use. Widely used in monitoring of blue-green algae in water stations, surface water, etc. The sensor is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1  Blue-green Algae Sensor Appearance

3.1 Installation of Sensors The specific installation steps are as follows: a. Install the 8 (mounting plate) on the railing by the pool with 1 (M8 U-shape clamp) at the sensor mounting position; b. Connect 9 (adapter) to 2 (DN32) PVC pipe by glue, pass the sensor cable through PVC pipe until the sensor screws into 9 (adapter), and do waterproof treatment; c. Fix 2 (DN32 tube) onto 8 (mounting plate) by 4 (DN42U-shape clamp).

Figure 2  Schematic Diagram on the Installation of Sensor

1-M8U-shape Clamp(DN60) 2- DN32 Pipe (outside diameter 40mm)
3- Hexagon Socket Screw M6*120 4-DN42U-shape Pipe Clip
5- M8 Gasket(8*16*1) 6- M8 Gasket(8*24*2)
7- M8 Spring Shim 8- Mounting Plate
9-Adaptor(Thread to Straight-through)
3.2 Connection of Sensor The sensor should be correctly connected by the following definition of wire core:
Serial No. 1 2 3 4
Sensor Cable Brown Black Blue White
Signal +12VDC AGND RS485 A RS485 B

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