Online Dissolved Ozone controller (DOZ-6850)

DOZ-6850 Online Dissolved Ozone controller


●    DOZ-6850 online Dissolved Ozone Controller is a micro computerized precision instrument.   ●    Adopt the advanced non-film constant voltage sensor, no need to replace the diaphragm and pharmaceuticals. High sensitivity, rapid signal response, accurate measurement, stable performance, easy maintenance.  ●    The large LCD display, English menu operation. ●    Multi-parameter display:     The value of dissolved ozone, temperature, output current and has range transfinite alarm. ●    With factory reset function, slope correction function. ●    Automatic/Manual Temperature Compensation:  0℃ to 60℃ ●    The control interface: two groups of ON/OFF relay contact, divided into high and low alarm signal photoelectric     isolation output. ●    The third group relay: automatic cleaning control function analog output.(Optional) ●    Relay lag quantity any setting, relay load 3 A 220 vac/24 VD ●    Communication function (optional):  RS-485 communication interface, 4 to 20 mA current output corresponding to the Ozone value can be set freely. ●    Hysteresis amount can be set freely to avoid frequent switching relay action ●    Watchdog function: to ensure that the instrument will not crash   ●    Core devices from famous foreign brands ●    Restore the factory settings. Power-down protection> 10 years ●    IP65 protection enclosure.   Application: Widely used for continuous monitoring and control of ozone content in aqueous solutions for drinking water treatment plants, canning plants, drinking water distribution networks, swimming pools, cooling circulating water, water treatment etc.    Main technique Specification:




online Dissolved Ozone Controller with sensor

Measuring Range

0.00 - 20.00 mg /L (ppm)



0. 01 mg/L,



± 1%FS or ±0.01mg/L



Large Screen Multi-parameters LCD

Temp. Compensation

Automatic/Manual temperature compensation (0-60℃)

Current output

isolation to protect , 4 ~ 20mA signal output

Control output

two sets of ON / OFF relay contacts, divided into the high point, low alarm signal , optically isolated output.

The third group relay: automatic cleaning control function analog output.(Optional) 

Communication output

Standard Modbus RS485 function to PC (optional)

Contact capacity

Relay lag quantity any setting, relay load 3 A 220 vac/24 VDC

Output load

load <750Ω (4-20mA)


AC 220V±10%, 50/60Hz

Working environment

Ambient Temp. 0-60℃, Relative Humidity ≤90%


96×96×156mm (H X W X D), 0.9kgs

Hole size

92×92mm (H X W)

Installation Mode

Panel Mounted, Pipe and wall mounted

Protection grade:

IP 65 enclosure

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