Online Dissolved Oxygen/Temperature controller (DO-6800)


  DO-6800 online Dissolved Oxygen Temperature Transmitting Controller is a micro computerized precision instrument.     The large LCD display, English menu operation.   Multi-parameter display at the same time: the value of dissolved oxygen, temperature, output current, alarm points, etc. Intuitive and easy to read, and alarm for range over run   Screen displays alarm status and accompanied by a switch ON / OFF signal output ●  Automatic Temperature Compensation: Automatic 0℃ to 60℃   Communication function (optional):  RS-485 communication interface (MODBUS protocol is partially compatible), 4 to 20 mA current output corresponding to the DO value can be set freely.   Notepad: can store 50 measurements, the user can record measurement data.   Hysteresis amount can be set freely to avoid frequent switching relay action   Watchdog function: to ensure that the instrument will not crash     Core devices from famous foreign brands   Restore the factory settings. Power-down protection> 10 years   Application: Widely used in the detection and control of dissolved oxygen in various water treatments, boiler water deoxygenization, environmental monitoring, aquaculture and other fields. Main technique Specification:



online Dissolved Oxygen Temperature Transmitting Controller

Measuring Range

0.00 - 20.00 mg /L ,   0 - 200.0 ug /L, (optional)



0.1 ug/L,   0. 01 mg/L,   0.1℃


ug/L: ±1.0%FS; mg/L:±0.5%FS, ±0.3℃


Large Screen Multi-parameters LCD

Temp. Compensation

NTC 10K, 0.0℃-60.0 ℃

Automatic temperature compensation

Current output

isolation to protect, 4 ~ 20mA signal output

Control output

two sets of ON / OFF relay contacts, divided into the high

point, low alarm signal, optically isolated output.


Contact capacity

10A/220V AC (Resistive Load)

Output load

load <500Ω (0-10mA), load <750Ω (4-20mA)


AC 220V±10%, 50/60Hz

Working environment

Ambient Temp. 0-60℃, Relative Humidity ≤90%


96×96×115mm (H X W X D), 0.9kgs

Hole size

91×91mm H X W)

Installation Mode

Panel Mounted

Protection Grade


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