TUF-3850S Online Digital Turbidity Sensor

Main Features ZS-6130 online Turbidity Sensor with Modbus RS485 output, Apply ISO7027 standard method (infrared light scattering technology) to eliminate the influence of sample color; Small size and easy to integrate and install; The optical path is made of optical fiber material, which has small light attenuation and good stability. Digital sensor, strong anti-interference ability, long transmission distance; Standard digital signal output, which can be integrated and networked with other devices without a transmitter. Application It is widely used in on-site monitoring of water turbidity in sewage treatment, surface water, industrial and agricultural water supply and drainage, domestic water, boiler water quality, universities, research institutes, swimming pools, aquaculture and other fields. Main technique Specification
Function Model JIRS-TU-300 online Digital Turbidity Sensor
Measuring Range 0.1-1000 NTU
Accuracy 0.1-10NTU, ±0.3NTU
Resolution 0.1NTU
Reponse time < 30 Second
Calibration Standard solution calibration, Water sample calibration
House material SUS316L
Working temp. 0-40℃
Working pressure ≤0.4Mpa
Sensor Size Dia. 24mm * L135mm
Weight: <0.25KG
Protection grade IP68 /NEMA6P
Power supply 12V DC
Output: Standard Modbus RS485 output
Cable length 3m or as per request
Working environment Ambient Temp. 0-50℃, Relative Humidity ≤90% or less

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