JIRS-OP-500 ORP sensor

The specifications of the sensor are shown in Table 1.

Specification Details
Size Diameter 30mm* Length 195 mm
Weight 0.2KG
Main Material Black polypropylene, Ag/Agcl reference gel
Waterproof Degree IP68/NEMA6P
Measurement Range -2000 mV~+2000 mV
Accuracy ±5 mV
Pressure Range ≤0.6 Mpa
mV Value of Zero Point 86±15mV(25℃)(in the pH7.00 solution with saturated quinhydrone)
Range Not less than 170mV (25℃) (in the pH4 solution with saturated quinhydrone)
Measurement Temperature 0 to 80 degree
Response Time No more than 10 seconds (reach to the endpoint 95%) (after stirring)         
Cable Length Standard cable with 6 meters long, extendable
External Dimension:(Protective Cap of Cable)

Figure 1 Technical Specification of JIRS-OP-500 ORP Sensor

Note: Product specifications are subject t to change without notice.