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■ The intelligent conductivity controller EC, TDS-600 are new generation upgraded monitor CM-230. ■ Keyboard range switch over, constant input and high/Low limit relay setup. ■ Automatic digital temperature compensation. ■ High/Low limit relay control (alarm) output. ■ Isolation 4~20mA (or 0-5V DC) output signal. ■ Modbus RTU RS 485 communication output (Optional). ■ ESD and MOV protection function. ■ Strong anti-interface function.

Function Model

EC/TDS-600 online Conductivity/TDS Controller


0-2000uS, 0-2000ppm,


0-20mS, 0-200mS



Temp. Comp.

The 25℃ basis, automatic temperature compensation

Operation Temp.

0~50℃, with normal temp. Pt. Black or Stainless steel sensor

60~100℃, with high temperature Stainless steel sensor sensor(optional)


K= 0.1 (0-20uS, 0-10ppm)

  K=0.1(0-200uS, 0-100ppm),

K=1.0 or 10.0 (0-2000uS/ ppm,0-9999uS/ppm, 0-10mS, 0-20mS),

K=30.0cm (0-200mS)


3½ Bit LCD

Control output signal

Two groups, ON/OFF High limit and low limit relay

Capacity of contact point

3A/AC 250V (with resistant loads)

Current output signal

4-20mA/ 0-5V DC signal output, isolated and migrated

Communication output

Moudbus RTU RS485 (optional)


AC 110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz, DC 24v

Working environment

Ambient Temp. 0~50℃, Relative Humidity ≤85%

Overall dimensions

48×96×100mm (H X W X D), Hole size: 45×92mm (H X W)

Installation Mode

Panel Mounted(Embedded)

Cable length:

5m or as per request

Widely used for electrodialysis, reverse osmosis, ion exchange water system, hydroponic Fertilizer, cooling water control system and general industrial water online monitoring and controlling.