High Quality Flow Meter - Flow transmitter Technical Specification – JIRS


8100 type flow transmitter and controller is an advanced meter adopting digital circuit design with simple electro circuit, high accuracy, high anti-interference level and high levels protection. It is easy to install and operate. It can apply to any  serious working in-place. It is widely used in environmental monitoring, industrial and mining enterprises, universities and colleges and research institute etc to real time, in-line inspect and auto controller.

8100 flow transmitter is powerful as flow transmitter, flow integration meters and flow controller. As flow controller, it can control batch processing  flow  and  flow regulating

It possesses RS485 communicative function connecting with controller

equipments point-to-point or BUS which has function of serial communication. It increases distance of data transmission and speed of upper monitor settlement to conduct over-long range automatic control.

It can apply with various sensors with standard equipments of new material. It possesses high accuracy, long operating life, simplicity of operator, low power consumption and anti-chemical corrosion. It has varied installation methods and apples to any complex site environment.

Technical Parameters

Display: Lattice LCD with background light Input: ■ 510 plug-in type paddle-wheeler sensor ■ Other same type sensor Output: ■ 4~20mA ratio control output/transmitted output ■ Limit warning in height of instantaneous flow or batch processing volume (electric relay nodal point output) ■ RS485 communicative output ■ Pulsing signal output Power requirement: DC9-26V (recommend DC24V) Installation: hydro disc-mounting, wall surface mounting and integrated piping installation. It can apply to any complex demands of field installation. Overall dimension:96×96×96mm (3.78×3.78×3.78 inch) Levels of protection:fit IP65 requirements. It is Anti- chemical corrosion and has varied installation methods and apples to any complex site environment. Measurement parameters:instantaneous delivery,integrated flow Maximum counting frequency:10KHz(equivalent transducer revolution is 120000rpm) Accuracy of measurement: Linearity  : ±1% repeatability :±0.5% Environmental requirements: Temperature:-20~+70℃(-4~158F° ) Humidity:0~95%relative humidity, no condensation of moisture

Integrated piping installation size