Automatic Water Sampler (JIRS-9601YL)


Product Name: Automatic Water Sampler

Model No.: JIRS-9601YL DescriptionJIRS-9601YL Automatic Water Sampler Is a specific piece of environmental monitoring equipment used for surface water and wastewater sampling, water source monitoring, investigation of pollution source and total quantity control. It used international water sampling method carried out by a peristaltic pump that is controlled by an SCM (Sing Chip Microcomputer). It can carry out equal proportion or equal time composite water sample according to customer requirements. It processes a variety of sampling methods, suitable for composite sampling. Parameters
Size: 500(L) x 560(W) x 960(H)mm
Weight: 47kg
Sampling bottles: 1bottle x 10000ml (10L)
Peristaltic pump flow: 3700ml/min
Pump tube diameter: 10mm
Sampling volume error: 5%
Vertical head: 8m
Horizontal suction head: 50m
Air-tightness of pipeline system: ≤-0.08Mpa
MTBF: ≥3000h/times
Insulation resistance: >20MΩ
Working Temperature: -5°C ~ 50°C
Storage Temperature 4°C ~ ±2°C
Power Source: AC220V±10%
Sampling Volume 50 ~ 1000ml
 Sampling Methods     1. Isochronous Mixed Sampling      2. Time Interval Sampling (From 1 to 9999min) 3. Equal Proportion mixed Sampling (Water flow control sampling) 4. Flow Sensor Control sampling (optional)  Optional Specific flow sensor to control sampling, in single increment from 1-9999cube. 5. Sampling by Flow Sensor with Pulse Control (1 ~ 9999 pulse)   Features:   1. Information recording: With a flow sensor, it can automatically record and store flow data. If the interval is 5min, 3 months of flowing data can be recorded. 2. Printing function. after being connected with flow meter, it can print the sampling data including date, time, instantaneous flow and cumulative flow. The sampler can store over 200 pieces of data 3. Power-off protection: it can restart after power-of without losing any stored data. And it can continue its previous programming without going back to the origin. 4. Preset program: it can preset and store 10 frequent-used working programs that can be called up directly according to sampling demands. 5. Software lock: only the administrator can use the sampler and modify the parameters in order to protect the built-in program of the equipment from being modified. Factory installed options
  1. Wireless communication module (wireless communication function: it can realize remote sampling control carried out by any computer and mobile phone with an internet connection).
  2. Ultrasonic flow measuring probe (flow-meter function).
  3. Mini-printer.